Questions to Ponder

Family: Coker and Laird and ours

Several months ago I wrote down two questions I heard on the radio. I’ve kept this scrap of paper on my desk and it’s time to use it and then toss it.

“What do you want?” is a loaded question and could go anywhere in my mind. While it rattles there, I think of many things I want to gain or see happen. Relationships is my first thought, for these are important among family and friends, even with those I hardly know. For that latter category, it’s good to keep relationships functioning well with storekeepers, postal clerks, and neighbors. In the process of taking packages of Bill’s book to the post office, I’ve become acquainted with one postal clerk. She has the book, Words of Endearment, and says she’ll read it on the plane during her vacation trip. When a problem arose with delivery of one book, she said if she’s not there, for me to return home and come later.

Family relationships are most important. We pray that our family circle not be broken here or in eternity. We stay in touch by way of technical devices. My siblings now meet monthly on Zoom and it’s been a blessing for us all. Because of Bill’s book, several nephews have bought books and report on their reading. That’s a renewed joy.

Friends communicate via email and phone, letting us know how Bill’s preaching has impacted their lives. They are grateful now to continue that influence with his book. We’ve connected with former Asburians and Emmaus folk, as well as church members. Their memory of our times together is better than mine, but it’s refreshing to know they want to renew our relationship.

“Where am I led?” is the second question and the emphasis is on “led.” It’s not always where I want to go or my first choice. When we moved to Indianapolis the summer of 2017, I knew it was a good decision, and it’s proved to be the leading of the Lord. I’m led to study God’s Word more so this year I bought the NLT Pray for Life Bible to lead me in reading through the Bible in a year. Each day has a prayer emphasis on a life issue, passages from the Old and New Testaments, Psalms and Proverbs. So far I’ve not missed a day, about 20 minutes of reading. For prayer time I’m led by Mary DeMuth’s Pray Every Day podcast and her book Jesus Every Day. When she asks, “Mind if I pray for you?” I’m ready.

These two questions could have more answers. Why don’t you ponder them and let me know your answers?

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I love the Lord. To those I love I am wife, mother, granny, great-granny. To my corner of the world I am a writer.

4 thoughts on “Questions to Ponder”

  1. I am commenting from phone so might be duplicated. I am glad I found your blog and thanks for sharing. I too have been studying more this year. I started the 75 day challenge with my daughter. We had to read 10 pages a day. I read my. Bible and God’s word just changes you. It spurred me to add more time with God. I want to let down the walls and grow heart to heart with God. I loved the third word in the book. I love the explanation of what it means to take Gods name in vain. I want my conduct snd heart to represent who God really is. I am being led to learn to be led. Enjoying where I am and not trying to run ahead. Praying snd waiting. Waiting to hear this is the way walk in it. I love how God walks with us


    1. Randy, thanks for your thoughts. It’s wonderful how God uses His Word in our lives. So proud of you and your daughter. Appreciate your tribute to Bill’s words about the 3rd Word. If you have an Amazon account, leave a review. That helps sales. Love ya much. ~ Ann


  2. What do I want? To know God more in order to make him known. Where am I led? Years ago the Lord told me to simply, follow him. He has led me in many paths of ministry and he isn’t done with me yet. So, we will see, like Abraham, where the next step takes me.


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