About Ann and Bill

We met in New Orleans before Ann was old enough to date. We married in 1957 while Bill was pastoring a church in Mississippi. We now have four grown children, ten grandchildren, and our 12th great-grandchild arrived in February of 2017. Most of Bill’s ministry has been connected with teaching and pastoring. Ann has connected with pro-life issues and writing. She has found her voice in writing memoirs and personal experiences. Ann is currently writing a book proposal about connecting personal life with John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress. She is also working with Bill to compile a book about Pastoral Prayers: the How and the Why. The book will contain many of Bill’s prayers written and delivered during his last pastorate.

We’ve been living the ABC’s — Ann and Bill Coker — together for 61 years as of August 24th, 2018.  We are one, connected but also individuals, together yet separate. We have served together, yet each has had a different ministry. Bill and Ann are both retired and find pleasure in each day’s opportunity to express our love and to serve others.

July 2017 we moved from our 4-bedroom home in Terre Haute, IN, to live as family — three generations in one home in Indianapolis. We have the East Wing as an apartment, sharing the kitchen and dining area. And we watch lots of sports and movies together in the family room. It’s quite a change — giving away lots of stuff but having all we need — and we’re all connecting well as family.

Photo taken at Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park, a stop on our Amtrack Train tour out West in 2008.