Busy Beginning

As I ended the old year and began the new year, my focus has been split between marketing Bill’s first book, Words of Endearment, and preparing his second book to be published – Prayers for the People. These are two different publishers and their specs vary but for our good.

Book sales for Words is going well, both with Amazon and from my own supply of books. The main differences provided early sales to arrive for Christmas when ordering from Amazon, and I stamp Bill’s signature on the books bought from me. Delivering books to the Post Office gave me the unexpected privilege of talking with the clerk. She knew the “media mail” was Bill’s book, and on the fourth trip she said, “I ought to read his book.” I had brought along a book, just in case (suggestion from our friend Stefanie), and the clerk received it gladly.

The most satisfying part of this marketing venture are the notes we receive with payment, along with comments on Facebook. These confirm that Bill’s influence continues way past his time of preaching and teaching in person. I’m including some comments here, yet it’s only a smattering, for we’re grateful for all:

“His influence is beyond measure.” – “Lots of good memories of you both.” – “My husband is thrilled to have a copy, a belated Christmas gift.” – “I’m sure we are going to be unable to put it down.” – “Emmaus: what a blessing!” – “I am eager to read it slowly so I can take it all in.” – “We pray many people will be touched by your words. However, we continue to be touched by your lives.” – “We will treasure this for years to come. We are deeply appreciative of your hard work.” – One Emmaus pilgrim noted that Bill’s intelligence and silliness on her walk “changed something inside of me!” – Another Emmaus friend wrote, “Give Bill a hug from me.” – One grandma bought books for all her grandkids, even the four-year-old, for she “wants them all to know about God’s love.” – Others bought books for siblings and friends.

So many more; I could fill up the page. Bill smiles broadly with a bit of embarrassment as I read the compliments to him. And he’s not quite comfortable when I say that he “wrote a book.”

And this week I fill out forms (AIS – Author Information Sheet) for the process of publishing Bill’s book of pastoral prayers and benedictions. It should be available later this year. Continue to pray for us both as we get God’s words out to those who know it and to those who don’t.

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I love the Lord. To those I love I am wife, mother, granny, great-granny. To my corner of the world I am a writer.

One thought on “Busy Beginning”

  1. I am so pleased to hear of the good sales of the book! I have tried twice to post on Amazon without success. But, I feel greatly blessed just to be involved!


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