Books — Published and in Process

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Words of Endearment: the Ten Commandments as a Revelation of God’s Love by Bill Coker, Sr. became available December 16, 2020 on Amazon.    Publisher: Sermon to Book

Paperback for $12.95 and e-book for $6.50

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The next book has a publication date of April 28, 2021. This book contains Bill’s pulpit prayers from World Gospel Church. Title: Prayers for the People: from the Heart of a Pastor. Bill typed out his prayers and kept them in a half-sized 3-ring binder. I’ve arranged them by topics: prayers from Sunday morning services, special occasions such as weddings and funerals, national events, church calendar, and benedictions. Pastor Charles Lake wrote the foreword. It was published by EABooks. I met the acquisition editor, Jim Watkins, at Taylor University Writers Conference. This book is available at $13.00 on and from me with Bill’s stamped signature. When ordering from me send your mailing address to: 

An article, “The Lost Art of Pastoral Prayers,” was published in 2019 in Grace and Peace, a magazine of the Nazarene Press for pastors. It included comments by Bill but also interviews from several pastor friends.


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Some of you remember Bill’s Advent series that included “Man in the Shadows” about Joseph. I’ve heard people say it’s one of their favorite sermons. This series of four messages will be published in time for Christmas of 2021 and titled The Scandal of Christmas: Reflections on Four Unlikely Figures of the Christmas Story. The other three personalities are Zechariah, Mary, and Jesus.

We start the process for publication of this book for scheduled release in Oct/Nov 2021 to be ready for Christmas.  This will also be published by EABooks. Illustrations of each biblical character will be an added highlight. 


Journey with Bunyan’s Pilgrim is a WIP by Ann. Chad R. Allen has Pilgrim's Progress. Barbourcoached me with his Book Proposal Academy. The goal of this companion book is to connect John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress and Scripture with a personal life journey. No publisher yet, but the work is coming along well as I work on platform as well as formatting the writing. As a workbook it will help readers interpret Bunyan’s classic and apply his characters to life. The content divides into 13 six-day weeks with room for journaling.


Transcripts have been edited for yet another book gleaned from Bill’s sermons: Let the Church Be the Church. These messages were not in a series but collected from various dates at World Gospel Church. In one sermon, Bill describes what an ideal church should look like spiritually and structurally. One aspect is a church with no walls (and therefore no prejudice) in order to welcome anyone and everyone.


I’ve now begun to develop a book concept around my own feelings, faults, and frustrations identified during Bill’s dementia. This book would be more about me than about Bill. My working title is Bill, AD, and Me. My hope is that it will help other caregivers be honest with their feelings and submit to the Lord for His guidance. My current goal is to attract a publisher.


My dream job includes getting Bill’s audio messages online. We started that in Terre Haute, but I need someone in Indianapolis to help download the sermons. However, I can’t blame that project on anyone else; I haven’t put in the time to get the task going strong.

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