Books and Shelves

Latest bookcase and still not enough room.

Books are in our lifeblood. As children we loved books, and now we still add more books to the limited amount of shelves we have.

When we moved from our home in Terre Haute to buy a home with our daughter and her husband in Indianapolis, we had to make decisions about what to disperse, get rid of, and bring with us to the East Wing apartment of our new home. The hardest decision made involved the books in Bill’s library. We knew he would not read them again, but this had been his life. He spent lots of money on books as they compiled his research library. I recall one person asking if he had read all those books. His reply: “I’ve read some of them twice.” True, but a partial to the actual answer that he had not read them all.

So before our move, we gave books first to our son Bill, Jr., a Nazarene pastor, who could best use his dad’s books. Then pastor friends, along with a few homeschool moms, chose some books. What and who next would benefit? Other family members and friends. Now down to the hardest distribution: what was left.

Our son John helped me make other distribution decisions as we packed. When he would ask about an item, I would give its history and who gave it to us. John then asked: Can you give me an answer in less than 24 words? All he truly wanted was a yes or no as to whether or not I had to keep it. The books and their value, again as I said, made decisions harder. The last distribution went to Salvation Army and Good Will. Oh, I still get a lump in my throat as I think of it.

Why? Because books, as I said, were in our lifeblood. Bill’s books especially were his life. And what became evident later is that when I started compiling and editing Bill’s sermons for publication, I wanted some of those books back. I could not ask Bill about a reference, and I knew his books would help. But we no longer possess them. I did rely on Bill, Jr. to look up some references, and I went to the library for others. But the original reference – Bill’s books and his remembrance – are no longer available.

This is not a sob story, but only facing facts. The lack of bookcases won’t stop me from buying books, even if I don’t have space to shelve more.

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I love the Lord. To those I love I am wife, mother, granny, great-granny. To my corner of the world I am a writer.

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