Dream Job Got Bigger

Bill led Bible study at Free Life Community Church, Terre Haute, Indiana.

From the first time I got the idea to make Bill’s sermons available to more people, I called it my dream job. For I could see this dream meant work, but it was closer to being a passion. With the help of our German friend, Stefanie, we converted cassette taped sermons into digital format using Audacity. Putting these messages online happened with the skill set of John, a tech guy from the Wesleyan church we attended in Terre Haute, Indiana. Bill’s sermons on Ezra and Nehemiah may still be available on Sermon Cloud: www.sermoncloud/billcokersr  After we moved to Indianapolis, my friend, Jennie, let me know she listened to them.

During the past four years, we have seen three books published. First was Bill’s sermons on the Ten Commandments: Words of Endearment, then a book of pastoral prayers: Prayers for the People. At the end of 2021, The Scandal of Christmas (four Advent messages) was printed. We are grateful for how these books have been accepted. The most satisfying part for us has been connecting with family and friends (readers) who relay their appreciation. The next book in process is on the subject of holiness and co-authored by our son Bill, Jr.

In this time that seems like being on hold, our daughter, Becky, has encouraged us to start a podcast of her dad’s sermons. She believes that people would like to hear the messages, and we agree. I sent an email to a few friends and family members to ask if they would listen. So far, it is definitely yes. That’s when my dream job got bigger. I knew nothing about podcasting. That’s in past tense, for I’m learning. Podcasts on many and varied subjects are booming across the country and around the world.

We now have a superb team with millenniums who are tech savvy. Michael, our grandson in California, prepared the art for the app and is busy converting the tapes into digital format, and he will also handle the mix. I’ve written the intros and outros and will do marketing. Dan, a friend in the church we attend, will be the host, for he has a fine voice for an announcer. Erik, a super tech guy, is what I call our program master, advising me and handling the recordings, among other items in his skill set. And we have Becky as our motivator and encourager. Bill has been told what’s going on, and is in agreement. In April, a launch date will start with an announcement, a teaser, and will follow the next week with the first sermon: “An Introduction to the Decalogue.” This starts the series of messages coming from Bill’s book and connecting with the name of the podcast: Words of Endearment with Bill Coker. Look for it soon. We are confident that you will tune in to hear Bill preach online. Grateful in advance.

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I love the Lord. To those I love I am wife, mother, granny, great-granny. To my corner of the world I am a writer.

7 thoughts on “Dream Job Got Bigger”

  1. How wonderful!! What a blessing to hear him preach again. Excited to listen and share. Thank you, thank you for your faithfulness!


      1. The teaser for the podcast was available Wednesday 6 April. The first episode with a sermon, Introduction to the Decalogue, will be this Wednesday 13 April. Search for: Words of Endearment with Bill Coker on Apple, Spotify, Castbox, Stitcher, and more.


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