Prayer: Move from Dissatisfaction to Confidence

Do You Want to Move from Dissatisfaction to Confidence?

If you’re like most Christians, your biggest regret in your spiritual growth is your personal prayer life. You know how to pray; you know it’s talking with the Lord in thankfulness and petition. You do spend some time praying, even every day, but you’re not satisfied with the time or content. What steps would move you from being dissatisfied to being confident? Your goal is to please the Lord with your prayer life. What could help you make that transition?

Think about those times when you have sensed God’s presence near and you relished your time in prayer, knowing full well that you connected with the Lord in prayer. Would one of those times be when you’re involved in church worship? You were being helped to communicate with God. Could it be while the pastor (or a church member) led the whole congregation in prayer? During that prayer time, you sensed God near. You put aside your hesitation and doubts and you heard a prayer that connected your desires with the words being spoken by your pastor. You joined in offering prayer for others’ needs and you knew God listened and would answer.

Prayers for the People: from the Heart of a Pastor could be the needed resource to bring you into that sweet communion you sensed when in church worship. This book is a collection of pastoral prayers and includes prayers offered during Sunday morning worship, weddings, funerals, special events, and closes with benedictions. The author was pastor of World Gospel Church, Terre Haute, Indiana, for 19 years. Bill Coker held the conviction that as pastor he knew the needs of the people, so he led in prayer every Sunday. As you read the prayers in this book, you could move from your sense of dissatisfaction to being in God’s presence.

If you are interested in purchasing Prayers for the People, it’s available on $13.00 I have sold all my author copies of this book.

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