Distracted or Dedicated

I forgot to turn on Bill’s microphone from the sound booth at church.

The sound techs needed some relief occasionally, so I took the training. I liked being above the crowd, looking down from my perch, seeing everyone enter and some go out and return during the service. But that was the very reason I forgot to mike Bill. I am easily distracted.

I would spy a friend, and while I did not speak to her, I watched her find a seat and greet her pew partner. My eyes (and my mind) had wondered from the switchboard and I forgot my task. But not for long. I switched on the sound for Bill’s mike and started the recorder.

That job didn’t last long, understandably, for they wanted someone who paid attention.

My distractions take another form these days. Two years ago I still had a flip phone and my family wanted me to get a smart phone. They teased that I had a dumb phone. My answer: It’s a phone. I don’t need all the extra components. I finally gave in, yet I bought an Android. And I like what I can do with it, especially texting, the one thing my family most wanted me to use.

Now this cell phone has provided several nice distractions. While eating lunch, we listen to music such as the Gaithers, Hauser, Andrew Peterson, and André Rieu. Even while getting the spelling right, I got distracted and listened to Michael Ball sing “Love Changes Everything.” Guess what popped up next? A message by Joseph Prince: “Feeling Distracted, Depressed, or Burnt Out?” Perhaps another time. I’m not depressed or burnt out. Only distracted too much, too often.

Why should these distractions bother me? They eat up the time that should be dedicated to more productive work. Marketing is on my “to do” list today. It’s three o’clock and I’ve not even opened those files. I am, however, writing this blog post, overdue, for this is only my second post for the month of May.

I’ve been told about some programs (apps) that could keep me from turning on any social media site. That would eliminate distractions while working on needed projects, but I use Facebook and emails to connect with people re: marketing and publishing. So I’m back to that ugly word “discipline.” It’s a matter of being dedicated to the best even when I enjoy something good. So there. I’ve confessed, but I have to save myself from being distracted next time.

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I love the Lord. To those I love I am wife, mother, granny, great-granny. To my corner of the world I am a writer.

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