Marketing’s Rewards

This may go against stats on Amazon or the finance report of sales. But the best part of marketing for me has been the rewards found in contacts and notes of appreciation. I’ll share some of those a few lines later. For now, I want to post two dates.

Bill’s first ever book, Words of Endearment: the Ten Commandments as a Revelation of God’s Love, has a publication date of December 16, 2020. Bill’s second book, Prayers for the People: from the Heart of a Pastor, appeared on Amazon yesterday with a publication date of April 28, 2021. That’s publishing two books in four-and-a-half months. Unusual!

Each book was self-published; we paid for publication. Sermon to Book published Words. Prayers had EABooks Publishing. I appreciate both systems, best suited for each book.

I’ve worked on the collection of pastoral prayers for the longest because I would look through Bill’s notebooks and type a prayer or two, then return to other writing projects. Therefore, the book of prayers extended over several years without being ready for publication. Then Jim Watkins, acquisition editor for EABooks, asked if I had a book ready. I first thought of Bill’s Advent sermons, but the timing didn’t work out. Then I looked at the collection of prayers, and knew it would not take much to get it ready. Four months later we have a book for sale.

That brings me back to the subject of marketing. With self-publishing, the main sales are from Amazon and from the author copies I buy and sell. For these four months I’ve gone to the post office at least once a week with packages of books to mail. Then the rewards come in, and I’m not speaking of checks and PayPal. Read here a few of our rewards:

Words of Endearment has really stretched the Ten Commandments for me. My husband died in 2019. With God’s help, I am learning to go on. Now your book has helped me.”

“I can hear Bill’s voice speak the words.”

“We are looking forward to sitting under Pastor Bill’s teaching once again as we read this book.”

“Bill, God used you in a mighty way on a men’s Emmaus Walk. Your words totally changed my husband’s life. We are so excited to read your book.”

“I look forward to discovering what Bill has written in his book. The title already provides a life-giving ponder.”

“I plan to read Bill’s book slowly so I can take it all in.”

“Thank you for the deep study of the Ten Commandments.”

“Thanks for contacting me. Bill was always such a joy to listen to – the power of conviction!”

“Bill may not be able to preach like he used to, but his ministry to touch lives is continuing.”

”Pastor Bill, thank you for researching and preaching it. Ann, thank you for putting it into a book.”

“We look forward to spending time with the Lord and the Words of Endearment.

“Seeing my adult children’s response to the book blessed me so very much.”

“We are excited to share a few copies of Bill’s book with others and to know they will be as blessed as we are with this gift of God’s Word made clear.”

From the Asbury University Alumni officer: “Thank you for sending us the beautiful book of sermons. We are glad to add it to our display for the encouragement of our alums and guests. We did share them with our Archives department and our gift officers.”

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I love the Lord. To those I love I am wife, mother, granny, great-granny. To my corner of the world I am a writer.

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