Sample of Words: Discussion

Bill’s book, Words of Endearment, about the Ten Commandments, is scheduled for the press in a few months. Sermon to Book, the publisher, prepared questions for discussion after each chapter (Bill’s message). Here is a sample of the questions related to the Ten Words.

1st Word: How does your relationship with God define every other relationship in your life?

2nd Word: How are you experiencing both personal and corporate worship in your life and why is each important?

3rd Word: Can God trust you to bear His name?

4th Word: What are the main competitors for your time and attention on Sundays?

5th Word: If your children honored you in the same way that you honor those in authority over you, would they be obeying this commandment?

6th Word: How can you celebrate life—all life—and help to create and cultivate a culture of life in your home, church, and community?

7th Word: What heart issues have already taken place before an affair begins?

8th Word: Do you think of your possessions as your own or as a trust from God?

9th Word: Do you ever lie by your silence, by not speaking the truth when it is needed?

10th Word: How can wrong desires be yielded to God and transformed into godly desires?

Included after each chapter are three sets of questions and an action step to move the reader deeper into the Word as God states it. These questions provide good discussion for individual readers and groups. All this provides further reinforcement for the application of Words of Endearment: the ten commandments as a revelation of God’s love.

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