Christmas Reflections

Seamands.Tata.Ichtus   Tata Seamands

Christmas season at Wilmore United Methodist Church (some year before 1989)

+ The United Methodist Women’s Christmas program (Dec. 11) revealed a montage of Christmas experiences around the world. As missionaries shared their most memorable Christmas on a field, the congregation reacted sometimes with laughter, often with smiles, and now and then a tear. They emphasized giving of oneself – truly a portrayal of Christ. To sum it all up, Tata Seamands remarked as he left, “That was wonderful! I resolve to be a better missionary.”

+ Sunday Caroling Party (Dec. 15) – “Joy to the World” – Porch lights turned on . . .  smiles lit up faces . . .  one clapped in time with the music as his wife listened, leaning on her cane  . . . another came onto the porch and sang along with the carolers . . .  a retired minister sang from his wheelchair . . . a lovely lady opened the door to say, “We can’t thank you enough.” On and on . . . gratitude abounded from shut-ins. But I think the carolers received the most blessings.

+ Choir’s Cantata (Dec. 16) – “The King of kings,” a musical celebration. I caught my daughter tapping her foot at one point; I caught myself weeping at another point. More than professional, the experience celebrated the birthday of King Jesus. No visible standing ovation for the choir, but our hearts lifted up in joyful praise to our Lord.

+ Christmas Family Night (Dec. 19) – Sweets, singing, and sharing . . .  food, fun, and fellowship. For a change, children introduced their parents. Identity crisis: One cute little girl pointed first to her dad and then to her mom, but said, “Here’s my mom and here’s my dad.” We made a quick check to see who had family living in the furthest points. Overseas: a daughter in Spain, a son in Korea. State-side: a bell-ringing daughter in New York, relatives in Iowa, a husband in Michigan, several family members in California. We had missionaries present from Japan, Africa, and South America.

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