Distribution of Goods


In the garage, it looks like we’re back to when we moved into our home over two years ago, for we’re again in the process of distributing goods. A few weeks ago Paul’s mother moved out of her house of 45 years in Blooming, Illinois, and into an apartment. Of course, that meant she did not have room for all her possessions. Much of it came our way.

We have lots of good stuff in the garage and more in a rental storage unit. Of these Becky sent photos to family members. Then some of the grandkids chose some of the furniture, and one granddaughter picked out items for her vintage clothing business.

Distribution of goods is also a term used by publishers. After a book is printed, publishers often use a distribution center to send out the books to various bookstores, including the internet warehouses. Both author and publisher depend on this process to get the product to buyers.

I like that stuff is distributed by the term “goods.” My aunt owned a dry goods shop, and I put to good use all the fabric and notions I bought. We have good stuff – most of the time. Whether as books, furniture, clothing, dishes, or family heirlooms, it’s good. And there’s no fault in getting and keeping good stuff. Life includes our goods.

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