Do’s and Don’ts

Acorn Figure in Tree.MLeeIn the last several years, especially since my 80th birthday, the don’ts in my life have increased, but there are still a good number of do’s. The big one is I don’t drive on Interstates now. That’s limited how far I drive, but I do get around the southeast part of Indianapolis and Greenwood fairly well. One addition to that, but not new to me, is that I do get lost on occasion, probably not paying attention to the directions given me when I venture into new territory. Not doing Interstates means I find new (yet longer) ways to get somewhere, such as to a movie theater. So when Becky or Paul give me directions, they know my limitations. When we had to see a doctor on the north side, Becky drove. Now that doctor is not in our loop. All other doctors are on the south side and therefore, no problem.

We do have more doctors’ visits, mainly because of specialists. We do see a primary care physician, but also a neurologist, urologist, eye doctor, back doctor, and dentist. We did visit a podiatrist but found out that the insurance will not cover what we wanted. Okay by me that we don’t add another doctor. For medical questions, we do have our daughter, RN. We’re blessed.

I do fewer chores: laundry is done on Fridays and cleaning our East Wing apartment happens most Saturdays. I don’t prepare the evening meals, except on Thursdays when Becky bakes at the church. Bill is the self-appointed dishwasher for all meals, but I do help with drying dishes for he doesn’t know how nor likes to stack them in the drain rack. Since Bill gets his own breakfast, I eat at my desk while reading. Bill lets me know when it’s noon and asks for lunch, but I try to put him off until 12:30 and then we do lunch together. He likes to go out to eat (lunch or supper), but we don’t do that often.

As to daily routine I do have freedom to choose what I do when and for how long. Most mornings I read and most afternoons I write. Evenings we watch TV or movies, and Bill wants me by his side. Occasionally I do go back to my computer to finish what I’d begun, but I don’t want to infringe on our together time. It’s important to Bill.

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I love the Lord. To those I love I am wife, mother, granny, great-granny. To my corner of the world I am a writer.

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