What do you see?


What we see:

  • Yields attitudes and actions
  • Understands it may or may not be true
  • What is not + What is + What can be

What does a University or Church see?

  • Past – “Hold the fort” mentality

Tradition – Pleases our forbearers

Orthodox, but not opportune

  • Present – “Status Quo” mentality

Don’t rock the boat – Pleases our constituency

Secure, but not satisfying

  • Future – “Visionary” mentality

Serves our age best by always becoming

Risky, but not rancid

We need the past – the value of tradition (as long as it serves).

We need the present – the value of continuity (as long as it works).

We need the future – the value of anticipation (as long as it’s true).

Bill Coker’s outline notes for a message (1991). You fill in the application.

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