Why Me?

Several years ago while driving home from the Crisis Pregnancy Center in Terre Haute, IN, I posed the question to myself, ‟Why me?” I had seen several clients whose lives indicated poor choices that led into life-changing problems. In other words, their lives were a wreck and they saw no hope for a re-haul. The contrast of their lives and mine brought me to that question of why I’ve had it so good. My parents were Christian and active in church; I had married the best man in the world; my four pregnancies were trouble-free; I had a good home, friends, and a lifestyle of value. Why me? The only answer I came up with was the grace of God, unmerited and undeserved.

Recuperating 003

In the summer of 2010 Bill contracted Legionnaire’s Disease and stayed in the hospital for 24 days until his completely covered lungs showed improvement. He recovered with some side-effects, but God healed him. During those same days and in that same hospital, cancer took the lives of two ladies (mother and grown daughter) from our church. Why did Bill survive Legionnaire’s and those two precious ladies die? I don’t have the answer. I only know that God is sovereign and that His grace is bestowed on us all.

This morning in our Sunday school class R.C. Sproul (via video) taught a lesson on suffering. For often we ask God ‟why?” and it’s alright to do so. I told the story about my questions: Why me? Why have I had it so good? Looking back on my contribution to the discussion, I know now that it was out of place, for it did not fit into the lesson. On the subject of suffering we all are in one of three places: having experienced suffering in the past, currently suffering, or we are going to enter a period of suffering in the future.

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I love the Lord. To those I love I am wife, mother, granny, great-granny. To my corner of the world I am a writer.

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