Sharpening a pencil to a fine point, I began to write, thankful for such a basic tool. I use a pencil to work crossword puzzles, for I’m not confident enough using a pen (like my daughter when she works Sudoku). I apply the pencil’s eraser for mistakes before looking up answers. In this one devise, a pencil, I can write and delete.

Applying this to life, I know God’s grace both when He gives strength for good deeds and His forgiveness for those mistakes (sins) I want erased. The eraser gets that point across, for we all need to rid our lives of sin and errors.

On a lesser scale but using tech devices, I type out a devotional or magazine article and the words appear on the computer screen. The editing process comes next, and with the delete button, along with cut, copy and paste, I can make the first draft more acceptable for submission to a publisher. It’s a technical improvement on a pencil with its lead point and eraser.


So this led me to pay attention to other uses of “point.” Our granddaughter, when complimenting her husband’s homemade dinner, wrote that the meal was “on point.” It was good!

After watching a movie one night Bill asked, “What was the point?” He did not understand (or agree with) the basic message behind the script. Our church’s missionary to Muslims in London relayed the time when he delivered his first sermon years earlier. The youth pastor had approached him and said that his exposition of the Scripture was great, but “You didn’t make a point.” In other words, the application was missing.

On Google I searched for the phrase “breaking point,” for I had heard a sports announcer say it. Along the side of the meaning, Google posted a song, “Breaking Point,” sung by Keri Hilson. That led me in a different direction – abused women who had reached their breaking point.

So what’s my point? I’m only reflecting on a word and phrase, making myself think more. This is, by the way, something I’ve learned that grade-school students these days don’t know how to do – think on their own. Think about this and make your own point.

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I love the Lord. To those I love I am wife, mother, granny, great-granny. To my corner of the world I am a writer.

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