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How the brain works is amazing and quite a mystery to me. Web.brokenI wonder why my mind holds such needless and meaningless conversations and events. Why do I recall what my mother said about seemingly senseless phrases or advice? Such as: my mother explained how to unwrap a piece of hard candy, peel a banana the correct way, and which way the toilet paper should be mounted (back to front, over the top). I recall these bits of wisdom at the oddest time—while brushing my teeth, putting on makeup, making up the bed, tasks that take little or no concentration.

These phrases are stored in my mind and return to question me while I’m doing something unrelated. I may be engaged in a conversation with a family member and something triggers a memory that I feel must be interjected into the flow of what’s being said. What starts this is beyond me, and I wonder if others have this exchange between the mind and mindless tasks.

I may be looking at a design on a shower curtain and wonder how someone came up with that. Then as the design may vary and can either be a mirror image or repeats, I look for differences. It’s mind-boggling, for I could be using my mind in more productive ways. Perhaps I’m a loner in this process, but I doubt it. Our minds are active and often go on tangents. So I continue to ponder this and I’m actually grateful for whatever fills my mind, as long as it’s not hurtful or hateful. I give thanks for the good brain that God put inside me and you. Praise Jesus!

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I love the Lord. To those I love I am wife, mother, granny, great-granny. To my corner of the world I am a writer.

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