Gifts and Giving

Our granddaughter Chrissa is registered at several stores for wedding gifts. That’s expected when you announce your wedding and send out invitations. What a nice practice—for the new couple is starting out with needs for their home and lifestyle. It’s the way of American weddings. I don’t know of customs in other countries, but our custom is nice and practical. So the bride and groom pick out items at the stores and form a registry. Family and friends present these gifts at bridal showers or on their wedding day. Online gifting also provides easy access. Gifts can even be sent to their new home. How efficient is that!

I get to see and hear all this happening since we live in the Coker/Gearhart home in Indianapolis. Chrissa is home, having closed out her ministry in the Dominican Republic to start a new life in North Carolina with Léo Silva who works there at a Christian camp called Rockfish. The wedding ceremony will be held in our church here so that is a gift of location. The marriage of a daughter is different than that of a son. My experience came with Becky and now she is having the joy of planning and preparation.

What I will wear at the wedding is no longer a question. A lady in the church has offered me her grandma-of-the-bride dress. At first I wondered if I could fit into the dress and would it be too much to accept. But I tried it on (a perfect fit in size and length) and the family agreed on the look—so it’s mine to wear. What a gift! And this doll of a lady doesn’t even know me. She and her family are good friends of the Gearharts. What a blessing! I’ve been given a gift of love. And that’s what a wedding is all about.


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I love the Lord. To those I love I am wife, mother, granny, great-granny. To my corner of the world I am a writer.

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