Tribute to Billy Graham

Others have written great tributes to Billy Graham, but I want to add my personal remarks. I heard Billy Graham several times during his crusades in New Orleans, Mobile, and Lexington. In one of those crusades I sang in the choir led by Cliff Barrows.

For the one held in Lexington, KY, I helped as a spiritual contact for children who went forward at the close of Graham’s evangelistic message. As I saw a child leave his seat, I would follow him to the front and talk with him about a decision to follow Christ. We would pray and then I would give him a booklet (provided by BGEA) about how to live out his faith. I would also direct him to a church in his neighborhood. During that crusade I had the privilege of praying with four children. With their permission, I sent a follow-up letter of encouragement. Years later I tried to contact each one to ask how that decision had changed their lives. I received a reply from one young man who gave witness to his Christian life.

But my most memorable connection with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and for which I am most grateful happens to be the time when my dad went forward during one of his crusades in New Orleans, LA. Before that, Dad attended church and served as treasurer. After that, Dad became a true believer and gave witness to a changed life. My mother, three siblings, and I saw that change at home. We began family devotions with Dad reading the Bible and praying. His was an attitude change in regard to being a faithful servant to his family and church. Because of his influence on my dad, I am forever indebted to Billy Graham and his consistent message of biblical truth.


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